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C4xCobbler Feminized Seed

Our C4xCobbler is a product of 3 years of research and development on the farm. This USDA compliant cultivar will finish with red stigmas and large trichome rich flowers at USDA total combined Delta 9 THC limits. This cultivar was developed with a couple goals in mind. Short growth with very tight internode spacing and large flowers at compliant cannabinoid levels. Boasting a 32:1 ratio, it is the most compliant cultivar we have ever worked with. Harvest is mid to late September with cool nights providing an array of colors. Growing conditions vary so we still recommend to test early and often.

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T1 Feminized Seed

The infamous T1 cultivar. This plant grows very stocky and solid with large dense flowers. This multi-use oil and smokable flower plant will not disappoint. If you are growing for the smokable flower market, this is your cultivar. Large dense buds are easy to harvest and present well. The terpene profile is more of a gas/diesel, a nice departure from cherry, fruity smelling terpenes that dominates the market. Show these girls a little cold weather and watch them develop those pretty purple flowers. Excellent bag appeal and a very large producer!

Purchases are routed through our Square Online Store.